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Tips to increase online sales during festive season

The festive season is here or as I like to call it, the spending season. As always, the streets are filled with festive décor and cheerful people ready to spend on gifts, groceries, and even Black Friday deals. With most bonuses and third checks coming in around this time, everyone has money, and every store has a festive deal. However, with so much going on during this time, how do you keep attracting online customers to your online store? There area number of ways, for instance:

  1. Offer festive discounts and deals
  2. Relook your marketing and commerce channels
  3. Ensure your business is mobile-friendly
  4. Create content that’s relevant to the season

1. Offer festive discounts and deals

Festive season is the time people buy everything. During this time, we have Black Friday, school holidays, multiple public holidays, celebrations, and preparations for the coming year. For this reason, consumers are more comfortable spending money during the final months of the year. To get these consumers’ attention, you need to offer what they want at a better deal than your competitors. So, offer seasonal deals, free shipping, multi-purchase discounts, and more to give customers better value for their purchase.

2. Relook your marketing and commerce channels

Every marketing channel serves a different purpose and targets different audiences. For example, Instagram is a more social and visual platform, whereas LinkedIn is more professional and formal. Make sure you focus your marketing strategy on channels that will see the most traffic during December. This differs from location to industry. Online channels you should look inside include:

  • Social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Search engines
  • Email marketing (e.g., holiday-themed promotions)

3. Ensure your business is mobile-friendly

The end of the year is generally the time when businesses close and people go on holiday with their families. This means people spend less time on their desktops and more time on their phones. The best way to ensure this doesn’t limit their access to your products, meet your customers where they are. In this case, they are on their phones, so your online store needs to be on their phones too.  A few ways you can do this is through the following:

  • Optimise your eCommerce store to be mobile-friendly.
  • Personalise shipping estimates/product availability according to location.
  • Highlight seasonal deals at the top of your website page.
  • Serve pages dynamically for better website speed.
  • Remove pop-ups or anything that adds a challenge for mobile users.
  • Pre-fill customer details during check-out to avoid mistakes.
  • Send guest users their shopping lists via email
  • Support digital wallets for faster checkouts.

4. Create content that’s relevant to the season

Everyone enjoys a brand that can join in on festive fun in an engaging way. Change up your usual online store’s look to speak more to the time of year we are in. For instance, if you sell clothes in South Africa, selling only winter wear in December would not attract much online sales. If you can, look into also changing your packaging for the season or offering gift wrapping services with purchases. This excites those who are buying presents or like seasonal elements.

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