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Smart business decisions begin with analytics and reports

Many factors contribute towards an eCommerce store’s success, one of which being the levels of traffic flowing onto your e-store. For this reason, it is extremely important for store owners to monitor and efficiently track the traffic on their stores. Google offers businesses a set of tools they can use to accurately track, monitor, and manage the traffic and conversion rate. This set of tools is all well packaged into a great solution called Google Analytics. By using it, you get a better view of the user engagement taking place on every page of your store which also helps you improve your online store’s SEO performance. For this reason, every brand should configure and make use of Goggle Analytics for their online store. However, Google Analytics is not as powerful alone as it is when used side-by-side with intelligent Reporting solutions.

Reports do more than just provide you with insights into your customers’ behaviours, perceptions, and patterns. It also helps you make informed decisions that will positively affect your brand.

Digitrade’s eCommerce solution has both and this is how they can take your business to the top.

Analytics on Digitrade

Google Analytics gives business owners with a variety of services, including tracking data and managing visitor records. However, tracking and collecting that much data can be an extremely complex procedure. Therefore, configuring your eCommerce store’s analytics is something you definitely should do.

Once you configure your Google Analytics, you get a clearer picture of how your online store is performing at all times. It will show you from which platform/device your customers are entering your website from, who your site visitors are, and what they are purchasing. Managing your KPIs becomes easier with Google Analytics and so does:

  • Tracking your revenue and net profit
  • Managing refunds and discounts
  • Maximising profit margin and conversion rate
  • Minimising abandoned carts

How to setup Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics can be complex with certain platforms, but with Digitrade, it’s achieving in two easy steps.

Step 1:  Organise a Google Analytics account for your business

Step 2: Configure and connect your eCommerce platform to your Google

Analytics account (Click Google Analytics under Configuration in your Digitrade Magento platform)


A business with access to detailed, customizable reports on its performance has access to information that can help them continuously outperform themselves. Digitrade’s eCommerce platform goes further by giving businesses reports on their sales, products, customers, and more. By drilling down into your customer and other online data, reports make it easier for you to evaluate what needs to be done to improve sales and conversions across multiple dimensions.

The types of reports Digitrade provides your business are:

  • Marketing reports
  • Review reports
  • Customer reports
  • Private sales reports
  • System insights
  • Product reports

Get the perfect combination of powerful analytics and reporting tools with Digitrade’s eCommerce solution. Just click here and let their experts assist you with achieving top online performance.

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