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Why is excellent Order Management necessary?

Order Management

Order Management

It’s been three months and the shoes that you bought online for last month’s event are yet to arrive. When you check with the store, they send their apologies and notify you that your order somehow slipped through their system, which is why it had not been prepared and sent out for delivery yet. Would you consider yourself a satisfied customer or an unhappy consumer, in this scenario?

This is a clear example of disastrous order management within a business, and the reasons behind it are simple.

If a business does not implement effective order management systems or solutions, they can easily lose track of all their orders and start making grave mistakes. Mistakes that can damage the brand’s reputation and drop its good standing with existing customers. Like most operations, one mistake can create a snowball effect of issues, which is how order management also works. Therefore, it is crucial to stay on top of your orders and their processes. Are you ready to start managing your orders like a pro now?

Why Manage Orders

Apart from the negative impact of not managing sale orders well, there are also positive reasons why you should improve this part of your business. The main benefits of expertly managing product orders are as follows:

  • Increase in order efficiency and accuracy
  • Integration of sales channels on central platform
  • Low inventory costs due to less mistakes
  • Better organisation of warehouse operations
  • Simpler invoice creation
  • Less/no paperwork

Managing Orders Effectively

When a customer completes their online purchase, they kick start a business’s order process. It all begins with an order invoice, which is created once a customer makes an order and completes their payment. The invoice guides the business on the products they need to prepare and package for delivery. This order process ends with the shipment/delivery or pick-up of the order.

Like most business processes, this can be fully automated with the use of intelligent technology. Digitrade’s eCommerce platform is one example of an effective Solution that will automate this process for you whilst helping you manage all orders efficiently. On this Solution’s platform, you can access order details and update orders from its easy-to-understand grid. This is also where the order management process begins on Digitrade’s eCommerce Solution.

Order Workflow

Let us go back to the order workflow and break down how it works on Digitrade’s eCommerce Solution a little bit more. When a customer makes a purchase, a sales order is automatically made. The order will then show up on the Solution’s Orders grid with a status of “Pending.” When the payment processing is complete and confirmed, an invoice is generated. At this point, the order can no longer be cancelled, but with the correct configurations using this Solution, returns are processible.

Processing Orders

Digitrade’s eCommerce Solution makes your life simpler by automating most order processing activities, but this does not mean staff do not have a role to play at all. Although the creation of sales orders and the updating of their statuses takes place automatically on Digitrade’s eCommerce Solution, some changes to order require intervention. For instance, to cancel an order once payment is captured, you will need to issue a credit memo. Whereas to cancel an order before payment only requires you void the order, then cancel it.

See tangible results and the benefits of managing your online orders with this Solution with this eCommerce Solution today by contacting Digitrade. Their experts will assist you with all your order management and eCommerce matters. All you have to do is click here and contact us.

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