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Online Security is achievable with Digitrade

Criminals are lurking at every digital corner, waiting for an opportunity to steal all your sensitive information. These types of criminals attack people and platforms online with weak security measures, which is why you need to ensure your online security is exceptional.

Cybercriminals’ ultimate goal is to extract data like passwords and financial records, and then sell it illegally on the dark web (online black market). As technology continues to advance and the number of people using it increases, so does the cybercrime rate. According to Accenture’s State of Cybersecurity Resilience 2021 report, we experienced a 31% increase in security attacks between 2020 and 2021. The most common security threats include:

  • Malware: Software that damages computers and systems.
  • Phishing: Sending fraudulent messages to trick someone

into revealing sensitive information.

  • Spear phishing: Phishing targeted at a specific individual/group.
  • Ransomware: Software blocking access to systems until a sum of

money has been paid.

  • Distributed Denial-of-service: Attackers disrupt the traffic flow of website.

Cyberattacks can cost your company lots of money, customers, and greatest of all, public trust. More businesses are realizing this reality and doing something about it. In fact, 69% are increasing their cybersecurity investments in 2022, according to Enterprise Strategy Group’s “2022 Technology Spending Intentions Survey. Therefore, as the digital industry grows stronger, so should your eCommerce security. You need to secure your online information and applications. Here are some things you should know to take the first step towards strengthening your cybersecurity.

Online Security features you need

If you have an online shop, then security should be your first priority. With various threats out there, including hackers, spam bots, and viruses, your online store is open to attack at any time unless you implement security measures that work. This means your internal systems are also vulnerable as some threats can access high-level data via attacking your online store. However, your security is not the only one at risk.

Similarly, your customers can also fall victim to attack while browsing an unsafe website. For this reason, it benefits your business and clients to make use of secure platforms and top security features for your eCommerce store, for example Digitrade’s Magento Solution. Below are some high-ranking security features you can use to improve the safety of your website.

Security Scan

One of the best security tools on Digitrade’s Magento platform is their Magento Security Scan feature. With this tool, you can test your online store for security weaknesses and receive notifications of useful security patch updates. The Security Scan function comes free on the platform’s dashboard and enables you to:

  • Gain real-time security insights
  • Access scan reports showing successful and failed checks
  • Schedule security scans
  • Receive security best practice suggestions
  • Access historical security reports

Frontend and Backend CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is what we use to ensure that a human being is engaging with a site, instead of a bot. We do this to protect against software used to spam and break into password-protected accounts, thus making it a very important security measure.  Digitrade’s Magento Solution supports standard CAPTCHA and allows it to be configurable, so it answers a brand’s specific requirements. You also have the option of configuring two types of CAPTCHA functions using this platform, namely:

1. Storefront CAPTCHA

Some online stores push a CAPTCHA form/step each time you log into your account. Others will need you to complete the CAPTCHA when you are struggling to log into your account after several attempts. These consumer-facing prompts are called Storefront CAPTCHA and you can set up multiple forms to need verification using it.

2. Admin CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA verification for internal staff and backend users can also be configured on Digitrade’s Magento Solution. This extra level of security is done by adding CAPTCHA to your eCommerce platform’s Admin Sign In page and Forgot Password page.

3. Google reCAPTCHA

To enhance your security via CAPTCHA, you have the option of using Google reCAPTCHA. Google reCAPTCHA does the same job as Digitrade’s Magento CAPTCHA, however it makes use of different methods and display options. For instance, more information on website traffic is available on the Google reCAPTCHA account. Regardless, both Google and Digitrade’s Magento CAPTCHA features are configurable for frontend and backend.

Session Management and Validation

Each time a customer logs into their account on your online store, backend variable settings are activated, and a “Session” begins. These settings are what you configure in order to allow certain functions and permissions per user. Two examples of these functions are access rights and localization settings. During a session (period of time a customer is on your website) a customer will perform actions that you can collect and extract useful insights from. This is why you should manage your sessions and the data they produce well.

Digitrade’s Magento platform enables you to also verify the variables you set up for each session. Performing this step protects against attempts to hijack or disturb consumer sessions on your website. It does this by checking to ensure website visitors are who they say they are before allowing them to start a session under someone’s account. Cyber-attacks can therefore be prevented.

Security Issue/Breach Reporting

Reports on security issues on your website do not only need to be done by you. Once enabled, you can use the security.txt function to open reporting to others.  Security researchers, for instance, will be able to make you aware of security breaches that you may have missed.

Contact Digitrade to tighten your online security and help you protect your customers. Their professionalism and expertise will assist you in securing all your eCommerce activities and fostering a safer online environment for your consumers. Click here for more.

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