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Less loading time, more online engagement

What’s more frustrating than going on a website and entering its page, only for it to keep loading and loading? At least 73% of internet users have gone through the same experience, and what’s scarier is that about 40% of them leave websites with long loading times. In other words, even if your eCommerce store has all the right products, deals, eye-catching designs, and copy, it may never be seen if pages take too long to load. And so, begins our need for eCommerce website speed.

Why loading speed matters

To give your customers a positive online experience, the full-rounded user experience needs to be considered. This includes:

  • Ease of navigation for customers
  • Visual appeal
  • Use of words/language
  • Products and prices
  • Content available on the site
  • Speed

Your customers may not be fully aware that the above factors impact their perception of your website. However, the moment they see low-quality images or content that doesn’t resonate with them, they automatically make a conclusion about your business. Slow website speeds, in particular, make your business look unoptimized while also leaving people feeling frustrated and impatient enough to leave your website without completing a purchase.

Faster pages bare greater benefits

Customers have a sentimental need for speed. When you deliver quality service, products, or experiences swiftly, customers tend to engage with your business more, as well as increase their trust in you. Other benefits of fast-loading websites are:

  • Better customer experience
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increase in revenues
  • Improved SEO
  • Higher engagement on website
  • Lower bounce rate

Enhancing page speed

To give your customers a positive online experience, the full-rounded user

1. Use quality eCommerce platform:

Opt for an eCommerce platform that performs extremely well and has space for optimisation and scalability through solutions such as extensions. Even if you already have a website, you can always switch to a better platform. For instance, the Digitrade eCommerce solution performs at optimum levels, is highly scalable, and is configurable to match your business’s online needs.

2. Test and improve your speeds:

It’s important to always know how your customers experience your website and to find ways to improve its performance. Assess your website’s speed regularly and adjust your website’s setting when necessary to ensure high page speeds.

3. Consider extensions:

There are some amazing extensions and plugins that exist to increase your eCommerce site’s speed. For example, Digitrade can make use of a number of Magento plugins that optimise page speed, responsiveness, website stability, and more.

Build your eCommerce website with our integrable, intelligent Digitrade eCommerce solution and optimise it to perform as you want it. Whether you want faster loading times or additional functions, our team of experts will sort your business out. The first step is booking a non-obligation demo with us, and we’ll discuss how our solution can help you achieve your eCommerce goals. Click here to book a demo

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