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Landing page rules of engagement

Landing Page

First impressions last long and what is a landing page if not a first impression of your website? Thanks to the growth of the internet and eCommerce, everyone now has many options and very little barriers keeping them from switching businesses. This means more consumers are using online platforms, like your website, as their first point of reference when deciding whether to buy your products/services or not. That’s why your landing page needs to captivate people instantly and incite them to explore your website further. To create such a landing page, you just have to answer these questions.

Does it sound and look like your business?

Every business has its own unique voice and style which consumers come to expect whenever they are faced with the brand. Seeing content that doesn’t align with a business’s image can be as unsettling as seeing a little girl with a deep, mature voice. It also makes a website seem untrustworthy, which results in a high bounce-rate. Your landing page should resemble your usual tone and style so website visitors resonate with it.

Is it in line with your website/marketing objectives?

Whether you’re dealing with projects, departments, or landing pages, your goals should always be at the forefront. You should ask questions like what do you hope to achieve with your website and how can your landing page drive website traffic. Once that is clear, the language and designs that will best accomplish those goals should be used. Keep in mind that this language and look must also match the ad campaigns you are running, so your communication doesn’t seem disjointed.  

Does your copy and CTA work?

You know your copy and CTA works when more website visitors actually do what your CTA calls them to do. The best landing page copy is simple, easy to read, and easy to understand. Additionally, it motivates website visitors to act on your CTA. You can’t be sure your copy actually achieves this unless you test it. Try testing different lines and designs to see which combination works best. You can even do this with internal staff before making the page live.

Is your landing page mobile-friendly?

Have you looked at your phone, today? You most likely said yes. Using a cell phone has become a way of life and for this reason, your landing page needs to be designed with mobile in mind. This simply means your landing page should look as good on smart phones as it does on desktop. However, this doesn’t only apply to smart phones. Consumers should have the same landing page experience, no matter what device they view it from.

Can your landing page pass the SEO test?

Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful tool to ensure your website and online products/services have online visibility. As part of your website your landing page should also be SEO friendly. That way, you can push your website ranking higher and make it easier for online shoppers to find you. To strengthen your SEO, give your landing page the following:

  • Meta description
  • Unique URL
  • Title tag
  • Header tag
  • Embedded links

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