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Plan now for your 2023 eCommerce success

Tips to prepare for eCommerce success in 2023

What’s awaiting your business in 2023? It could be greater business opportunities, improved processes, and even higher profits. On the other hand, it could also be challenges, changes, and unexpected situations that shift how you run your business. Regardless, a new year gives you a chance to achieve better results for you online and offline business. This is the time to realign your business goals with your business strategies and prepare to implement better practices. We’ve gathered some simple tips on what eCommerce factors to focus on and what to do to help your eCommerce store grow in the coming year.

1. Start in January

January generally feels like the longest month of the year, but that’s also due to it being one of the poorest months of the year. After the Black Friday and festive season buying rush, most people spend their January on a limited budget. This, however, does not mean that online shoppers no longer have the urge to shop or browse online stores for the next time they have money. Window shopping is still a common hobby for people both online and offline. By creating engaging and exciting window-shopping experiences for online customers earlier in the year, they are more likely to:

  • Create product wish lists, helping you better understand new customers’ tastes
  • Return and fulfil their purchases once they have money
  • Interact with your brand
  • Tell others about your website

2. Optimise on mobile and omnichannel eCommerce

A recent study found that 73% of online shoppers use multiple channels to buy products. This clearly shows us the need for omnichannel selling from this point onwards. Similarly, online shoppers also widely use mobile commerce to make purchases. So, to optimise your online store to convert more sales, your business needs to be both omnichannel and mobile-friendly. Remember, the point of these two traits is to simplify the buying process for customers online. The faster and easier it is to buy your products; the more customers will complete their purchase with you. More importantly, it’s about reaching customers at the right moments, on the right platforms, with the right offering. For online customers, this comes in the form of effective personalisation and immersive engagement on platforms they use.

Do some research to see which devices and channels your target market uses the most. This will work as a guide on how to best reach your customers.

3. Build your eCommerce platform for your future business

The recent past has shown us that anything can happen at anytime and businesses need to be prepared for this. As no brand can accurately predict everything that will happen, they need to be flexible and adaptable. That means scalability should be your top priority. Not just for your offline business, but your online business too. If you currently use an eCommerce solution that isn’t scalable, look into changing to a more adaptable platform. You may also want to add or remove some capabilities to your online store in future, which will be difficult and costly if your eCommerce platform isn’t flexible.  The unfortunate truth, however, is that most organisations will continue to use the unscalable eCommerce solution. This decision may not affect the business at first, but the moment changes need to be made, the cost and time implications will set you back.

Move to a flexible and customisable eCommerce platform like Digitrade and do it before you experience the above. Don’t’ forget that change is inevitable, so you should use a platform that can change/grow with your business.

2023 is your opportunity to push your online sales and engagement further than you have before. So, to sum it all off, improve your eCommerce sales in 2023 by:

  1. Pushing your online strategy from January
  2. Implementing a mobile-first and omnichannel strategy for your online store
  3. Converting to a scalable eCommerce platform, your business
  4. Replacing your rigid eCommerce solution with the customisable Digitrade

Use the above tips to get an advantage online. We’ll even help you get started. When you’re ready to dominate online sales, book a demo with us or click here to learn more.

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