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Give customers the gift of on-time deliveries for Christmas

Oh no, December is here, and everyone still has some last-minute shopping to do before we gather with family and friends over the holidays. With so little time left to make final purchases, most people may want to buy gifts online. However, getting it delivered before most big occasions in December may be cutting it close. So, how do you reassure your online consumers that they can still do their last-minute shopping online and have it by Christmas? We have a few tips to help you out, but first, let’s look more into delivering in December.

December last-minute buys threatening online sales?

The December rush is upon us and like any typical year, we are witnessing a peak in orders and purchases during this period. With so many consumers partaking in more online shopping, the factor of delivery-time has become very significant. People are planning vacations, family gatherings, parties, and events they want to attend this summer. They are using this time to buy the final things they will need. Over and above that, we can trust that there will be customers running to stores right up until the day of their events throughout the month. These cases can deter customers from doing their last-minute shopping online because they still need to wait before receiving the products. This could challenge the growth of your online sales during a peak period for customer buying.

Make your online store last-minute friendly

A little reassurance and guidance goes a long way. This is also how you can make customers comfortable enough to make their late holiday purchases on your online store. You can give customers reassurance and guidance on the best time to make delivery orders. This is another way to encourage customers to still shop online this month. Great examples of how you can do this include:

  • Always delivering on time, if not earlier
  • Giving accurate delivery time/date estimates
  • Adding a live countdown for standard deliveries before Christmas/New Years
  • Giving customers tips to ensure their deliveries are not stalled
  • Push same-day/2-day delivery closer to Christmas and New Years
  • Communicate your shipping deadlines for the cheaper delivery options

Tips to ensure customers get their deliveries by Christmas

On one hand, your business needs to convince customers you can deliver festive season purchases by the time they need them. However, on the other hand, you need to make sure you deliver on time, without any hassles as you have promised. Your delivery service provider and your eCommerce platform will affect this greatly. Tips on how to ensure your products are delivered perfectly and on time are as follows:

  1. Make sure your online store is on an agile eCommerce platform (e.g., Digitrade)
  2. Use a trustworthy courier service
  3. Simplify your delivery process and make sure customers understand it
  4. Offer same-day and 2-day deliveries


This year, a number of big December occasions fall over the weekend which means delivery may be further delayed than usual. So, now is the time to help your customers plan their online purchases for festive. Give them the confidence to do all their last-minute shopping on your online store. Start by using Digitrade, an eCommerce solution your customers can trust. To learn more on this solution, book a demo with us or click here.

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