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Expanding your business via eCommerce

Expanding your business via eCommerce

The world is such a large, beautiful place with over 200 countries worldwide and about 8 billion people coming from all over. With so many human beings throughout the globe who are consumers, the market opportunities are endless. More so if you open your brand up to doing business outside of your local borders. Thus, expanding your business via eCommerce is only made easier with technology. Therefore, it makes it easier for everyone to stay connected from anywhere in the world.

International sales through eCommerce

In fact, with a smart eCommerce solution, such as the Digitrade Magento platform, cross-country sales and operations also become simpler. Therefore, through its numerous functions that integrate online sales processes, this smart eCommerce solution helps your brand create relevantly personalised experiences that guarantee customer satisfaction. Thus, if you are going to branch outside of your country, you need a platform that can handle the level of scalability and flexibility that will be needed.

Going online to grow your revenue stream

For instance, one of the well-known toy brands that used this solution did so because they wanted to take their business online. This is common for many businesses that want to expand their customer base and increase their profits. In addition, through the highly scalable and flexible eCommerce solution, the brand was able to launch a seamless, well designed eCommerce website that garnered high conversion rates. Their average order value increased and so did their revenues.

Other advantages of expanding internationally, online

Furthermore, with a solution like Digitrade, you get to create and manage different websites using a single interface. Digitrade has four levels in their store setup, which includes:

  • Global (set global configurations related to customers, inventory, and price)
  • Store (product content management takes place through product catalogues)
  • Store View (this makes for easier localisation of content for different stores)
  • Website (manages different stores on a single interface)


Thus, every level gives you incredible flexibility and customisation with regards to different areas that are relevant to international sales, including:

  • Shipping options
  • Website languages
  • Currencies
  • Tax

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