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Enable Google Shopping Ads with Google Merchant Center

When was the last time you did not search Google to find products or information you are looking for? Chances are, you are still trying to remember when that was, and with reason. Everyone Googles everything; hence, the platform’s name is now a verb that defines searching on the web.

The stats alone highlight Google as a powerful tool, with over 4.3 billion users worldwide. Moreover, 3.5 billion searches take place on the platform every day, according to Internet Live Stats. This presents great opportunities that brands can leverage to improve their reach, customer base, sales, and presence online. For instance, promoting your products on Google Shopping Ads, which exposes your business to more, diverse customers.


Why put your products on Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping is a shopping engine which enables Google to showcase relevant ads for your products when someone searches for anything you sell. Additionally, it diverts consumers to the correct product page when they click on your ad.

Promoting your products on Google puts you in the centre of potential customers through Shopping Ads and Search Ads. These ad types are different, firstly in relation to their placement on Google’s search page, as you can see below:


Shopping ads are more visible compared to Search Ads, mainly because Shopping Ads get the premium spot in search results. They show images of the product instead of just describing it, thus attracting more customer clicks and conversions than Search ads. There is also the advantage of Google’s algorithms that automate Shopping ad processes so product information and ads always match the search.

Now that you know why you should use Google Shopping ads, you’re wondering how to go about integrating Google Shopping into your business. The answer is Google Merchant Center.

Google’s Merchant Center solution

Google Merchant Center assists you with uploading your product information on Google, thus making your products available to a larger network of shoppers. This online dashboard enables businesses to change their product details and allows them to manage how they appear across Google eCommerce products.

When using Merchant Center, your businesses is gets the tools it needs to:

  • Upload product information accurately
  • Reach consumers across the Google network
  • Uncover actionable insights

Driving growth through benefits

This solution has the potential to transform a business’s SEO effectiveness and online visibility through promoting its products on Google Ads and revealing relevant insights the business can use. Likewise, Merchant Centre improves businesses through other benefits such as:

  1. Enables international sales

Multi-country feeds can be set up in Merchant Center so potential shoppers around the globe can view your products.

  1. Features promotion functions

Promote your Shopping ads on Google with Merchant Center features that allow you to apply a site-wide promotion to all your products or to restrict it to a select few.

  1. Improves results

In addition to organising your product data, Merchant Center improves business results through methods you can find under the Opportunities section of the platform.


Getting started

To easily setup Google Merchant Centre for your brand, use Digitrade’s eCommerce Solution. Digitrade is set on the Magento 2 platform, which enables your business to automatically connect to Google Merchant Centre and other shopping engines.

Now you can drive sales and attract more customers with Digitrade features that generate automatic and manual feeds, plus flexibly configure feeds to comply with all shopping platforms.

For more on Digitrade, click here.

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