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eCommerce Payment Methods: The more, the merrier

Customers have their own way of doing things, as well as unique preferences when it comes to online shopping. This includes how they search for items online, how they decide which store website to browse, as well as the payment methods they prefer. This is usually either because of convenience reasons, or because of differing beliefs around online security. To answer this need, brands need to offer different payment methods on their online stores so customers can get a shopping a experience they are most likely to enjoy and remember. Once customers enjoy engaging and shopping on your e-store, you will start to see:

  • An increased flow of new customers
  • Increasing sale size and frequency
  • Improving cash flow
  • Increased customer retention
  • Decreasing overheads

Digitrade’s Payment Modes

Variety is everything and in a society that is increasingly valuing convenience and options, it is crucial. That’s why you you need to offer more than one payment option on your online store. However, giving more options usually means you need to integrate more solutions which can be complex to manage. What online brands need is an eCommerce solution that comes with multiple payment options already within it. For example, Digitrade supports and is configured for:

  • Online payments (e.g., Payment gateways)
  • Offline payments (Don’t require third-party provider)
  • Payment Card Industry (Payment by credit card)

Enabling these payment methods is as simple as going under the Configuration option within the Admin tab, select Sales followed by Payment Methods. Out the box, Digitrade is optimised for five basic methods of payment (Offline payments), including:

  1. Check/Money Orders
  2. Cash on Delivery
  3. Payment on Account
  4. Bank Transfer
  5. Zero Subtotal (no payment information required)

The best part of eCommerce Payment Modes

What do we love most about cloud-based business solutions? Their automation and integration. So, of course those two factors also benefit a business with regards to their payment processes. Automation, for instance, means that redundant payment processes take place without the need of human intervention. Furthermore, customer data is collected without being prompted. This assists your business with its analytics and reporting. Integration capabilities, on the other hand, ensure your entire business has access to customer payment history and data that is relevant to them.

Other benefits you enjoy by offering multiple payment methods through a quality cloud-based eCommerce solution include:

  • Better security
  • Improved user management
  • Increased speed of sale completion
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Flexible and scalable

How to get Digitrade for enhanced Payment Methods

Contact Digitrade for expert advice and assistance with eCommerce success. Our solutions will empower your business to reach greater heights with its online store. To learn more, click here.

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