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Does your website scare or excite customers?

Ask yourself: When last did you put your website to the ultimate test?

Why should you test your website?

If you are reading this blog, you already understand that a website can be a powerful tool for businesses in today’s market. Let’s look at some stats:

  • There are almost 2 billion (1 971 999 420, to be exact) websites on the internet.
  • A little over 80% of them are not active.
  • This leaves us with 200 million active websites fighting for the attention of people online.

That’s a lot of websites to compete with. Still, if your website is functionally running smoothly and optimised for your consumers’ needs, it will bring in more sales and customers. So – do you know how well your website works right now? Test it.

Testing before going live

If you already have a live website, you are already familiar with website QA testing. This process checks for bugs and potential issues the website may have, before the site is available to the public. Web testing consists of five areas of testing, mainly:

  1. Functional testing: QA tests are held to make sure the website application answers all functional requirements. Links and cookies are also tested.
  2. Usability testing: Tests user experience through analysing content and ease of navigation.
  3. Interface testing: Checks if all interfaces look and work as they should, for example, “error” message pages.
  4. Compatibility testing: Ensures your website is compatible with all browsers, operating systems, and devices
  5. Performance testing: Stress and load testing takes place here to see how the website performs at different internet speeds and stress levels.
  6. Security testing: This tests the overall security of your website to keep it protected from security threats, viruses, and unauthorized access.

Testing after your website is live

3Ok, you QA tested your website and it’s live. Is that all? Not at all. Continuous testing will help you notice and fix any issues/threats that may arise quickly. You also need to stay updated on what online consumers want in a business’s website. One way to test if your online platform ticks all your customers’ boxes is by looking at what online consumers want and how they behave. Test out if your website is a customer’s dream or an online shopper’s nightmare.

Customer Experience Website Test

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