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Digitrade – the international eCommerce genius

We’ve shown you how to go from local to global sales with eCommerce, and we’ve even walked you through mastering international payments and deliveries. Through these two blogs, you absolutely hold the keys to successfully grow your business and customer base beyond your borders. However, what use are car keys if you do not have a car? Now, it’s time we give you the eCommerce vehicle that will drive the international sales and revenues you want.

Ready, set, Digitrade!

Digitrade’s eCommerce solution is scalable and easy to integrate into your business. Moreover, third-party solutions and plugins are simple to integrate into Digitrade eCommerce websites. These functions ease any business’s plans to upgrade or downgrade. How? By allowing you to increase and decrease features and costs, as and when you need it. With or without extra functionality, however, Digitrade is well-equipped to help brands sell internationally. This eCommerce platform has built-in functions that any global brand is looking for, including:

  • Stores
  • Multi-languages
  • Multi-currency


A major advantage international retailers enjoy when using Digitrade is its multi-store functionality. Multi-store functions allow you to have different website views. These views use different pricing, currencies, and languages without creating various websites. Using Digitrade, you don’t only develop and customise several stores from a single interface. You are also able to manage them effectively. Use multi-store to personalise each storefront according to its country with regard to:

  • Payment method options
  • Shipping options
  • Pricing
  • Customer accounts

Steps on how to set it up on Digitrade:

1: Create a store view (Stores>All Stores>Create Store)

2: Fill in Store Information and click Save Store.

3: Make the new store view the Default Store View


It’s easy to just use English as your language of communication across your entire eCommerce website. However, what do you do if you are selling to non-English countries, for example France or Congo? Even for countries that commonly use English, will you cater for UK English or US English speakers? The truth is the customer certainly doesn’t care what language you use. They only care about whether they can easily understand the engagement or not. So, engage with them in a language they are comfortable with. Configure your online store to use different languages for different locations.

Steps to set it up with Digitrade:

1: Download your language pack of choice

2: Create a store view (Stores>Settings>All stores)

3: Change store view locale option (Stores>Configuration>General>Save Config.)


Countries use their own unique currency and unless all your customers study exchange rates regularly, this is something you must consider. When managing various markets, it is best to feed them relatable and relevant content. That includes pricing everything in their native currency. This simplifies decision-making for the customer and gives them a clear view of all relevant costs. In the end, they aren’t left frustrated nor do they abandon their carts at checkout point.

Steps to set it up with Digitrade:

1: Choose default currency configuration (Stores>Settings>Configuration>General>Currency Setup)

2: Choose base currency (currency used throughout website)

3: Customise display currency (currency used for your different store views, e.g., RSA for South Africa website pages, BWP for Botswana website pages).

In conclusion, to learn how to grow your customer base and online revenues with Digitrade. Book a demo with us, and we’ll walk you through everything.

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