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Digitrade,the eCommerce Marketing genius

eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce Marketing 

You know those rare moments when you find a certain brand’s email in your inbox? The one’s with a Subject Line that intrigues you, and content that speaks to you. It could even be as simplistic as a well-designed catalogue of products you have once added to your Wishlist from their site. Perhaps it excites you enough to go onto the store’s page or maybe it just stays rent free in your mind. Either way, the effectiveness of this form of communication is dictated by your actions, once you see it.

If the email moves you to visit their website and make a purchase, the business considers this campaign a success. After all, this is the basis of all business – to offer products/services in exchange for a profit. This is also why most businesses invest in Marketing one way or another. As online engagement increases each day, so does online Marketing. eCommerce Marketing is now taking over and it’s not showing any signs of decreasing. This means brands need to push personalised promotion content often. They also need to optimise product visibility, and stay on top of all the data this creates.

So, how can a brand, thus, market its e-store consistently and effectively, regardless of all the online clutter?

Thank goodness for Digitrade’s Marketing Menu.

Businesses can tackle eCommerce Marketing in various ways. However, using a great automated tool for most activities can lead to better results. Digitrade’s Magento Solution, for instance, comes with an intelligent interface. It comes complete with Sales, Catalogue, Customers, Content, Reports, Stores, Systems, and Marketing menus. These sets of menus allow you to execute online Marketing activities and promote your products. What’s more, you can promote them on numerous platforms easily and collect insightful data faster. The Marketing menu provides users with access to tools that help you manage your advertising activities, including:

  1. Promotions
  2. User-generated Content
  3. Communications
  4. Private Sales
  5. SEO & Search

Let us explore a few of these menus.


From promoting products on sale to managing gift card accounts, the Promotions menu is ready to push your promotions to the next level. You can offer customers incentives using price rules on this eCommerce platform. By adjusting Catalog price rules (based on attribute sets) and Cart price rules (based on store categories), you can enable your platform to:

  • Schedule promotions
  • Send coupons/discounts to the best customers
  • Offer discounted/free shipping for set period


Imagine one of your customers receiving a notification from your store that is offensive. Unless this is one of your business’s moral traits, this can be quite damaging to you reputation.

Therefore before launching your online store; it is wise to review the email templates you will use for all your e-store’s communications. Your communication needs to reflect your brand well for it to be effective. This menu set helps you ensure that through the customisation of:

  • Emails Responsive email templates for different events
  • Newsletters Production of newsletters, building and

management of subscribers, development of   content, and driving traffic.

  • PDF invoices and slips: Customisation of invoices, slips, and credit    


SEO & Search

The search capabilities you need are in this section of Digitrade’s Magento Solution. This includes tools that make finding products and learning from customer search terms easier. To illustrate some of the options the SEO & Search menu features, here is a list:

  • Live Search: Assists with delivering lightning fast and relevant search


  • Catalogue Navigation: Especially useful for navigation and optimisation of customer

activity on online store.

  • Search Terms Improves effectiveness of customer searches using

search terms.

  • SEO Best Practices: Helps you with SEO and overall site presentation.
  • Catalogue Search: Shows you how customers search for products on your

store and how to improve search results.

Google Tools you can configure

If you use Digitrade’s Magento platform, your store configuration integrates with a few Google tools. This is to assist you with optimising your content, reach, and more. These two tools are:

  1. Google Analytics:

Use Google Universal Analytics to define custom dimensions and metrics. These are useful for effective tracking, support of offline and mobile app interactions, and accessing ongoing updates.

  1. Google Privacy Settings:

Google setting modification is possible using Google Privacy Settings. This will ensure your customer data stays compliant with privacy regulations.

To enjoy all these magnificent benefits, contact Digitrade. Their professionalism and expertise will assist you in achieving top visibility and eCommerce Marketing that will reflect in your revenue streams.

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