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Convert website visitors to happy customers

Conversion rate

Conversion Rate

A brand with a smooth functioning and engaging website automatically increases its online presence but can also achieve so much more. To list some of the advantages, good websites assist businesses with:

  • Improving brand image
  • Accessing/acquiring more customers
  • Collecting customer data
  • Automation of sales processes
  • Building credibility and consumer trust

On the other hand, a bad website can cause many problems for your brand, and it manifests itself in the way consumers use your website. A great indication that your website may need improvement is high levels of the following:

  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Checkout abandonment
  • Site abandonment (Bounce Rate)
  • Product page abandonment

As a result of the above, less people stay on the website long enough to make a purchase or perform any other desired action. This means that your conversion rate (percentage of people who complete a purchase/take action desired by brand) decreases.

Why website visitors leave without buying:

Online users come across a large amount of content daily. It is now normal to see heads staring down at their phones while their finger slides up and down on the screen for hours. Funny enough, this has left us with shorter attention spans. This means that people are now only willing to spend mere seconds on content before deciding whether it interests them or not. As a result, brand websites that are not impactful or don’t draw consumers in from the first page leave the site before converting.

Other reasons website visitors leave your website too quickly are:

  1. They mistakenly landed on your site
  2. Your website page takes long to load
  3. Website visitors don’t trust your website (looks unsafe)
  4. Visitors want to convert, but are not ready to do so yet
  5. They realise they have no interest in your offerings

How to convert:

Converting online shoppers to buy into what you are offering all comes down to the type of experience they believe your website will give them. This does not necessarily mean their perception is correct, but it is strong enough to determine whether they will stay on your website, convert, or leave. Here are a few things you can do to increase your website visitors’ conversion rates.

Tip #1: Optimise your landing page

Once someone lands on your website, it takes them mere seconds to decide whether to continue exploring the page or to leave. For this reason, the first page a website visitor sees is extremely important. This is known as the landing page and its purpose is to convert online visitors and persuade them to stay on the site.

Thus, a landing page needs to grab consumer’s attention and hold it until they are convinced to buy your products/services.

Tip #2: Speed up your page loading time

According to a study by, 53% of online shoppers expect online pages to load in 3 seconds, if not less. Furthermore, 50% of customers abandon carts if pages load too slowly. Speed is obviously important, not just with product/service delivery, but with eCommerce as well. Your website needs to continuously function at high speeds, without any issues.

The easiest method to achieve this is by investing in a high-speed website solution, like Digitrade’s eCommerce solution.

Tip #3: Ensure website is enticing and engaging

The ultimate goal of a website’s is to keep customers on the platform as long as possible. The longer they stay, the greater the chance they will convert. This is challenging because online shoppers will not hesitate to leave your site after just landing on it.

By having an attractive design, catchy headlines, and engaging/interactive content that interests your customers, you can keep them from leaving your page too soon. It is also crucial to use high quality images for your eCommerce platform because low grade images make it look outdated and unsafe.

Tip #4: Regularly update and maintain website

Websites with technical issues come across as unsafe and can easily deter consumers from converting. What makes matters worse is if your website has glitches or problematic pages that aren’t addressed for long periods of time.

This, however, can be prevented if you check your website and its functionalities regularly for arising issues. Maintenance and website updates will also need to take place on a regular basis as this helps you spot potential threats before it’s too late.

Tip #5: Get professional support

Trying to manage your website by yourself can be tough, especially if you are not an expert website creator. Improving or creating an effective website is much simpler and faster if you let professionals do it for you.

Digitrade, for instance, has teams of seasoned experts who have the knowledge and experience to increase your online conversion rates. Give them a ring or drop them a message to learn how they can help you with your eCommerce platform. Better yet, click here to see for yourself.

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