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Catalogue Management 3: Mass Product Actions

Catalogue management

Catalogue Management 

Product information is a vital factor in the success of online sales. Customers want to know certain product details when they are shopping and are extremely comfortable not completing a purchase if they believe the information is insufficient. Not only that, but poor product content also directly impacts customer loyalty and a business’s bottom line. This happens because certain product information greatly affects a customer’s overall interest in a product, for instance, its price. Most customers will not investigate a product further if it is above or below a certain price range. Furthermore, many will lose their trust and loyalty in a brand if they continuously promote their products with the wrong pricings.

Thus, it is every brand’s duty to supply online customers with correct and complete product information on a consistent basis. This requires the continuous updating and management of all eCommerce products. This is simple enough to do when you have one product that needs a category or attribute change. However, when you have hundreds of products that all need the same change, things become a little more complex. One has the option to make individual changes to every product, which is labour-intensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, a business can adopt a Catalogue Management Solution that allows it to modify multiple products in one go. Digitrade’s Magento platform is the Solution with this function, and we are going to show you how it assists your business in doing this using its Mass Product Actions feature.     

Change a lot in fewer steps​

Digitrade’s Magento 2 platform has the capability to modify the informative data of numerous products, at the same time. In other words, this Solution lets you change your eCommerce products’ information in bulk, without requiring you to manually make changes to each individual product. This is a powerful feature as it will save your business time and resources on an energy-consuming task such as editing mass product information. Additionally, the mass action feature is not limiting in terms of the type of information you can change in bulk. For instance, it enables you to make mass changes of:

  • Prices
  • Product attributes
  • Custom options
  • Images
  • Related product suggestions
  • Routine action configurations

Do more than just bulk edits

Now you know you can make more adjustments to your eCommerce products using less steps and less time, through this feature. However, is that all that the Mass Product Actions feature can do? Not at all. Apart from saving you time and money on product information changes, this feature enables you to also perform the following tasks with ease:

  • Duplicate product images, attributes, and options
  • Delete multiple products at once
  • Configure product grid
  • Up-sell and cross-sell various related products
  • Customize price rounding for various products

How to go about using Mass Product Actions

In general, Mass Product Action settings are accessible on an extension that Digitrade can configure for your business. Once you have that set up on your behalf by Digitrade’s experts, you can start performing mass actions on an easy-to-follow dashboard. The General dashboard view is where you can enable mass actions for your e-store, copy and replace attributes, plus define rounding algorithms (price rounding).

To specifically perform Mass Product Actions, you first need to locate the Product grid and secondly, select all the products you would like to adjust. After this, the real action can begin. You then choose what you want to take place with your selected products, specify other types of relevant information, and finally, apply the changes.

Change categories in bulk

When making mass changes to categories, you have the option to either assign, remove, or replace them from eCommerce products in your catalogues. All three actions follow the same steps. You choose your desired option, specify the category’s ID then apply it.

Change prices in bulk

This platform has several great actions we can implement for pricing. We can use the Update Price option to increase or decrease prices according to a percentage or flat rate. This comes in handy for brands selling across boarders that use different currencies. Another action that can help businesses push their sales online is the Modify Special Price using Price option. If a number of your products are selling for a special price, this option will help you adjust their pricing and push them online at their special prices faster. Thus, attracting more online customers and increasing revenues.

Change attribute sets in bulk

Sometimes you have multiple products that need their attributes adjusted in the same fashion. Change Attribute Set is the function that allows you to accomplish this effectively and successfully. It enables you to pick a set of attributes already compiled for particular products and apply it to all the relevant products with just a few clicks. Another efficient action is the Fast Delete option that does exactly that. Instead of having to delete items one by one, you can now do it in one swift move.

Try it out for yourself

To enjoy the benefits of swift and simple mass maintenance, equip your brand with Digitrade’s Magento eCommerce Solution. Their team of experts will have your business’s eCommerce platforms running smoothly in no time. To learn more, click here.  

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