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Convert website visitors to happy customers

A brand with a smooth functioning and engaging website automatically increases its online presence, but can also achieve so much more.

To list some of the advantages, good websites assist businesses with, Read more 

Conversion rate

The growing need for online authentication

What a time to be alive. You can buy a new pair of shoes, order lunch, and book an appointment without uttering a single word. That’s the beauty of living in an online world where you can communicate, purchase, and find things at a click of a button.  Read more

Distinguish your online store from competitors

What makes an online store great?

This is a great question, and it seems like one with objective answers, at first glance. We can debate that we all value different things when shopping and searching online. Read more

eCommerce Payment Methods: The more, the merrier

Customers have their own way of doing things, as well as unique preferences when it comes to online shopping. Read more

Smart business decisions begin with analytics and reports

Many factors contribute towards an eCommerce store’s success, one of which being the levels of traffic flowing onto your e-store. Read more 

Why is excellent Order Management necessary?

You know those rare moments when you find a certain brand’s email in your inbox? The one’s with a Subject Line that intrigues you, and content that speaks to you. Read more 

Order Management

Digitrade, the eCommerce Marketing genius

You know those rare moments when you find a certain brand’s email in your inbox? The one’s with a Subject Line that intrigues you, and content that speaks to you.
Read more 

eCommerce Marketing

Online Security is achievable with Digitrade

Criminals are lurking at every digital corner, waiting for an opportunity to steal all your sensitive information. These types of criminals attack people and platforms online with weak security measures, which is why you need to ensure your online security is exceptional. Read more

Handling online returns and refunds

Imagine finding the perfect winter coat after searching forever online, purchasing it, and having it delivered, only for it to be two sizes too small. Read more 

Ways to avoid Google suspension

Google makes it a point to create safe and positive experiences for everyone who uses their platforms. Read more


Google suspension

Choosing the right POS Solution for your business
If money makes the world go round, then businesses are what keep the world spinning. Businesses are built on the premise of making a profit, and usually continue their entire life span doing exactly that. Read more 

Catalogue Management 3: Mass Product Actions

Product information is a vital factor in the success of online sales. Customers want to know certain product details when they are shopping …  Read more 

Catalogue management

Catalogue Management 2: Virtual Catalogues

Catalogues are collections of product information that we use to organise our products for accurate online product promotion and sales. Read more

Catalogue Management

There was a time when managing catalogues meant curating four-to-five-page print magazines filled with everything a business has to offer that month. Read more 

Reduce cart abandonment with Magento

According to a study by the Baymard Institute, 69.75% of online shoppers abandon their carts on desktops, 85.65% on their phones and 80.74% on their tablets. These are staggering statistics that directly impact your site’s revenue. Read more

Abandoned cart

Product Attributes – All you need to know about

We’ve all been there: behind a lit screen, typing descriptions into search engines with hopes that they will bring up the exact product you are looking for, at the price range you desire. Read more 

Product attributes

Google Merchant Center – How to upload feeds

Google knows how to push your business growth by creating successful ads and listings for your business’s products. Read more

Enable Google Shopping Ads with Google Merchant Center

When was the last time you did not search Google to find products or information you are looking for? Chances are, you are still trying to remember when that was, and with reason. Read more 

Google search

Impressive Data Management= Effective Data Analytics

Data is the best unkept secret company uses to achieve goals victoriously. So much can be extracted and learnt from it. Read more

How to eCommerce: a guide to succeeding online


What makes a successful eCommerce site? 

eCommerce can provide businesses with limitless growth potential and game-changing profitability. Read more

The future of business is still eCommerce!

To have a successful business, it is particularly important to understand the needs of your consumers. 

Knowing what consumers want alone, however, is not enough. Read more

Benefits of eCommerce

The greatest advantage eCommerce has over traditional retail is that it’s conducted online instead of in a physical store. This opens up a new world of benefits that retailers of all sizes are using today to improve their business and stay competitive. Read more 

What is eCommerce

Commerce (also known as electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. eCommerce includes a multitude of data, systems and tools. Read more