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Becoming a leading brand through eCommerce


Let me tell you a story about how one of the biggest brands in the world built their success around marketing, selling, and pushing traffic on an eCommerce platform. There once was a business that sold pens. This brick-and-mortar store sold beautiful pens that lasted longer than any other pen in town. All the locals loved the pens and would buy new ones from this store once theirs ran out. The problem that faced the business, however, was the fact that their pens lasted longer than others which meant customers didn’t need to come as often to purchase pens.

Solving business problems with eCommerce

To solve the issue, the business owner decided that they need to expand their customer base. So, they create an eCommerce website that allows them to sell their range of pens to customers outside of their town. This works and helps them increase their revenue streams while also keeping a consistent inflow of sales, even when locals aren’t buying much. Once the business starts to see the many benefits that come with having an eCommerce platform, they begin to experiment.

Transforming a business through eCommerce

Firstly, they stop selling only one product and introduce more products to their online store. They start with expanding their pen range, then adding more stationery to the mix, and so on. This attracts more customers to their website as now they are catering for people who are looking for more than just pens. As the website traffic increases, so do the sales and the demand for more products.

Amidst all this growth, a new problem arises. The business does not have enough staff and supplies to keep up with the increasing demand.

Affiliate marketing model on an eCommerce platform

This only sparks a new idea: “What if we let other stationery brands sell and advertise their products on our website for an extra charge?” This is a great idea as it not only solves the issue of meeting the high demand for products, but it also creates a new revenue stream for the business. That is exactly what it did for this business.

This is known as the affiliate marketing model, and it is a great way to help your company:

  1. Naturally increase website visitors
  2. Give your own products more exposure
  3. Expands product offering

What this story teaches us

We can learn so much about how to approach business with this eCommerce success story. It shows us how challenges arise in business, but also how you can overcome them using an eCommerce platform. You can improve your business and profits online simply by ensuring:

  • You have an eCommerce website for your brand
  • Your website draws traffic
  • Relevant products and content are displayed
  • Your website offers recommendations

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