ERP Integration

Seamless Digitrade eCommerce Solution integration for all-round business efficiency

Digitrade’s eCommerce Solution offers you seamless integration into your business ERP systems for a bidirectional flow of information between your ERP System and your Magento 2 Platform store front.

The most essential data that your company collects is related to orders, inventories, customer information, and shipping. Your business can reach a higher level of efficiency when this data is available across all your other systems.

Pre-built integration that delivers value fast

  • Core data objects can be synchronised – Core data objects such as customers, products, pricing, and orders are passed between ERP and eCommerce via CDP
  • Deploy and configure versus Build – Save on implementation cost and time by deploying and configuring integration functionality instead of building it from scratch
  • CDP Microservices – The CDP microservices layer enables authenticated data transfer, validation, and transformation of data from source to target
  • Adapters with pre-built functionality – Adapters are deployed on both eCommerce and ERP, this allows seamless integration to Consnet Digital Platform
  • Monitoring and logging – CDP monitors and logs the data traffic
  • ERP integrated with eCommerce – Move to an ERP system that is integrated into eCommerce quickly by leveraging off CDP and pre-built integration.

Integration Functionality

  • ERP Adapter and eCommerce Adapter*
    • Facilitates integration between ERP and CDP, and eCommerce and CDP respectively
  • ERP deployment package and eCommerce deployment package*
    • Events
    • Mechanisms to create, retrieve, update and delete the specified data objects
    • Communication with the ERP Adapter and eCommerce adapter respectively
  • CDP Monthly subscription
    • Microservices that enable integration between ERP and eCommerce
    • Monitoring and Logging
  • Data objects that can be synchronised between ERP and eCommerce**
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Orders
  • Credit
  • ATP (Available To Promise)
  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Lead Times
  • Delivery Dates

Our Digitrade eCommerce Solution and the Consnet Digital Platform (ERP Connector) will enable integration into your ERP backend in 8 to 12 weeks. This will help your business delver exceptional, seamless customer experiences anywhere and anytime.

*Select eCommerce and ERP platforms are supported, please inquire for further details
** A predefined list of the most used integration fields are provided for each data object, additions will be charged separately

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